WAAR : Women for Action Against Rapists

WAAR : Women for Action Against Rapists

Enough Is Enough.
Women, time for talks is over. It is the time to act now.

The legislators we elected to protect us and care for our well being have failed us.
The only thing that matters to them is money, scams and power.
If these men want sex in return for favours, it’s better we are on our own.

The policemen required to safeguard us and save us from evil,
Are themselves hand in glove with perpetrators of most evils,
They’ll sell their daughters for some money,
What do they care about another woman’s dignity.

Our fathers and brothers and sons have stood mute,
They never had the guts or they didn’t care,
Else no woman would have to witness such tragedy.

Women, in this big bad world we are alone…
Woman with woman we will avenge all the wrongs.
Not love, but knives and acids we shall carry,
Seeking justice for our sisters who are dead while still living.


I call upon every woman of this country who cares even a dime about what happened to another helpless woman in Delhi on 17th Dec night, to step forward please. And if you don’t care enough, let me just warn you the next time it could be you. If you are a mother, then it could be your young daughter.

I say, Enough Is Enough.
Bahut ho gaya yaar.

Bahut dekh li politicians ki chutiyapanti. Bahut dekh li police walon ki bahaduri.

There is nobody out there in the world who really cares about us. The Madamji’s and the Behenji’s have no reason to worry. They and their progeny have gun toting security to guard them 24*7. Do we really expect them to understand our plight, the plight of the common woman who has to take buses, metro and autos to commute everyday, be it night or day?

I say, Enough Is Enough.

Hamne bahut sahay liya weaker sex bankar. For all our goodness only evil and atrocities were heaped upon us. After being ill treated for so long and so badly, even an animal as lame as a donkey would retaliate. We are humans with much more emotions.

Ladies, it is time for us to pick up our knives and revolt.

The kitchen knife that lovingly diced fruits and vegetables for your family, will now be your protection against the big bad world. It will be the trishul that will hunt down the hunter and slice those that have harmed any woman whosoever.

If the whole world has come to madness, we too shall behave as one. These mad men rape one of us, we shall give it back to them equally and thrice more. We will stalk them everywhere, be it court, kachahari, police station or their homes. Wherever we get an opportunity we shall pounce on them. They should be shown no mercy, acid thrown on their faces. Every rapist should be taught a lesson, and a lesson for all others too.

Ladies, it is high time. It is time that we roused ourselves and showed the world what we are capable of.

The lawyers, the judges, the Home Ministry, the Chief Ministry, the Prime Ministry, the High Court, the Supreme Court no one really cares. If they did, there would have been a long time ago fast track courts, castration and death sentences for these bastards. But everybody is only interested in saving their Kursi and a rosy future post retirement.

Nobody really has the balls.
And since the men with the balls do not have the galls, we the women have to show some balls.

Sisters let us all come together with one common goal,

Enough is Enough.
Never again will another girl cry helpless as she is raped.
She will know that she will definitely be avenged.
Men will think thrice before attempting to rape,
His takeaway from it, castration, acid on his face, his body slashed.

For the lame politicians, law keepers and the policeman,
The dirtiest of your bras and underwears,
They are worth only our utter contempt and disdain.

Enough is Enough.
It is time for change.



  1. December 20, 2012 at 4:52 pm

    […] WAAR : Women for Action Against Rapists (todareandbare.wordpress.com) […]

  2. Shi2rsingh said,

    December 20, 2012 at 5:00 pm

    Nice Post and yes Enough is Enough hehe 🙂

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